Burning brick production line energy saving and environmental protection renovation project

Burning brick production line energy saving and environmental protection renovation project
    Tunnel kiln is a continuous high-temperature firing processing equipment for producing magnesia refractory products. It has a high degree of automation and is an ideal thermal kiln for the production of refractory products. There are 72 kinds of tunnels in Liaoning Province, with an annual output of about 1 million tons of various magnesium products. The temperature of tunnel kiln producing magnesium products is relatively high, between 1650-1800°C.
    At present, the tunnel kiln mainly has the following two problems:
1. Excessive sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides in the exhaust gas exceeds the standard, S0, 2 1000mg/m".NO, 2 1500mg/m, and the air pollution is serious. The sulfur dioxide mainly comes from the high sulfur fuel oil, and the nitrogen oxides mainly come from the high The firing temperature.
2. The temperature of the section is uneven, the temperature difference between the upper and lower parts is relatively large, and it is between 50-100°C. The reject rate is high. The high temperature of kiln exit (about 300-350°C) and the high exhaust gas temperature (about 400°C or more), the loss of kiln heat and the high energy consumption. : The reason for the large temperature difference is the arched section. The main factor for the temperature of the finished kiln product and the high temperature of the exhaust gas is the shortness of the current tunnel.
Prospect Analysis
    The implementation of oil-to-gas conversion by enterprises, the replacement of heavy oil with natural gas, and the deployment of effective off-bowl denitrification devices to reduce the emission concentration of SO2 and NO2 in the exhaust gas have become the inevitable development direction of tunnel kiln. This project uses traditional tunnel kiln heavy oil as fuel to be used instead. Natural gas fuels have limited environmental pollution, improved product quality, and reduced energy consumption.
    At the same time, enterprises have stepped up their efforts in researching the use of waste heat in the production process, and vigorously develop a circular economy. The market prospect of this project is very broad.
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