Annual output of 30,000 tons functional desulfurizer production line reconstruction project

Annual output of 30,000 tons functional desulfurizer production line reconstruction project
I. Development of deoxidation desulfurizers at home and abroad
Steel deoxidation desulphurization agent is a new force for green development of steel plants. While the steel industry is being targeted by the new environmental protection standard, steel mills across the country are actively developing “green development, recycling development, and low-carbon development” activities to promote the sustainable development of the steel-making industry. The main application materials in the steel production process, from the dust, smoke, sulfur, fluorine and other emissions as testing standards, and strive to achieve the green smelting effect of steelmaking deoxidizer accessories, to achieve the simultaneous development and win-win of the steel industry green and development.
    The iron and steel industry is the spine industry of China's economic development. After 30 years of rapid development, it is now entering a period of gentle transition and the development of a green economy. This is a severe requirement put forward by the new environmental protection law for steel and industry. It is abandoning economic development to talk about green ecological development. It is the "finding wood for fish," and putting aside green ecological development to talk about economic development is to "exhaust water and fish." Firmly protecting the ecological environment means protecting the productive forces and improving the eco-environment is to develop the concept of productivity. Green development is taken as a new opportunity to surpass the curve. Accelerating development on the premise of protecting the ecological environment and protecting the ecological environment in accelerating development are iron and steel. Industry has a long way to go.
    The steelmaking deoxidation and desulfurization agent production enterprises combine the actual conditions of steelmaking production to improve the environmental protection concept of steelmaking deoxidizers, cater to the sustainable development of green steelmaking in multiple directions, strengthen the responsibility, and achieve low dust and low pollution emissions from steelmaking production. To ensure the sustainable development of the steel industry. The steel-making industry must not only develop but also be environmentally friendly. It is necessary to start from the source of raw materials to achieve a green and win-win effect of steel production.
    At present, the deoxidation desulfurizers used by iron and steel enterprises mainly use various alloys as deoxidation desulfurizers, which have the main features of high cost.
II. Market Analysis
   The introduction of this product's functional and environmentally-friendly deoxidizing desulfurizing agent in the market will greatly reduce the cost for the use of deoxidizing desulfurizers by steel mills. The market prospects are good.
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