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Xinli Refractories Co, Ltd was established in 1996 and is located in Giiantun Country, Dashiqiao City. It is a comprehensive enterprise which specializes in the development and research of refractory, kiln structure design, refractory manufacturing, construction, installment and use and maintenance. The Company has four mines of magnesite, dolomite, limestone and talc, a fused magnesite and sintered magnesite plants, and three plants for fireproofing materials.
Currently, Xinli Refractories has al)out 1200 eml)loyees, among which: senior managers, researchers and engineering technicians account for over 10%; equi)S itself wit Ii 43 kinds of main fireproofing manufacturing equipnwnt with over 150 pieces, among which: 22 pieces of I 600T, 1 000T and 630T friction presses, 22 pieces of 750—type forced mixers, 4 pieces of high—speed mixers, 4 sets of computer automatic weighing systems, 10 grinding lines, 2 sets of vacuum oil—immersed equipment, 2 1 10—meter hyperthermia tunnel kilns, 26 22— meter dry kilns, and I 6M3 high temperature shuttle kiln.
The annual production capacity of the magnesium (aluminium) carbon unfired bricks is 100,000 tons, that of shapeless (preformed unit) fireproofing is 100,000 tones, that of burned magnesite fireproofing is 40,00() tons, and that of fused magnesite and sintered magnesite is 100,000 tons. The Company has a magnesitim—calciuni research inst it itt e and a central lab, where the related iwrsonnel can conduct the scientific researches and experiments for all kinds of fireproofing materials and conduct the l)hYSical and chemical property testings for all kinds of refractory bricks and bulk materials and special fireproofing materials.
Xinli Refract ones was awarded as the “contract —honoring and I)romise—keepmg enterprise by Liaoning Provincial People’ s Governnwnt., the “famous trademark in Liaoning Province” by Administration for Industry & Commerce of Liaoning, the “high—tech enterprise by Deparimeni of Science & Technology of Liaoning Province, top hundred enterprise of private economy by Yingkou Municipal Government, and magnesia carbon bricks with “Xinnai” Brand are granted as “famous—brand product by Quality and Technology Supervision Bureau of Liaoning Province. The Company passed 1S0900 1:2008 in Oct 2008, and ISO 14001:2004 and GB/T2800 1—2001 in Oct 2011.
Xinli Refractories in 2014 saw the total asset value of over 1.1 billion Yuan, sales revenue of 0.84 billion Yuan and profits tax of 78.6 million Yuan. It has 115 types pf products, and over 100 independently—developed products. Its products are applied in 10 China’s iron an(l steel enterprises of Shougang Jingtang United Iron & Steel Co., LW, Benxi Steel Group Corporation, Minnwtals Yingkou Medium Plate Co., Ltd, Tangshan Iron & Steel, Shougang Tonggang Group, Tiantie I-lot—rolled Plate Co., Ltd. Rizhao Steel Holding Group Co., LW, Yanshan Steel, Lingyuan Iron & St eel Group Co., LW, .Jiujiang Iron & St eel, and are spoken highly of and win good reputation. Some individual products are exported to Japan, Korea, Russia, I kraine, and countries and regions in Europe and Sotit beast Asia.